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Are you ready to elevate your business?

Whether it be a revamp of your existing site or starting from scratch, I am here to offer my time so you can start focusing on growing your empire.


New Shopify E-Commerce Website

Ideal for a small business that is looking to move their retail business online

From $499*

New Wix Website - Serviced Based Businesses

Ideal for Service based businesses only eg:

Hair salon, restaurants/cafes, blogger, influencer, tradesmen (plumber, electrician, builder etc.) financial advisers etc.

From $499*

Revamp your existing website

For those that already have an existing Shopify or Wix website and would like a design change.  *Only if your store is already active and running.

Shopify Website Monthly  Maintenance

I'll look after your website each month, including SEO work, design updates & adding new products.
$69 per month - 1.5 hrs
$129 per month - 3 hrs
$249 per month - up to 10 hours